Construction History

November 2015


The construction of the 1st floor is completed.

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September 2015

2015-09-14 09.14.59

The construction team still preparing the formwork for the 1st floor slab. Estimate concrete pouring will be in early November.

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July 2015

2015-07-13 13.49.09

Ground Beam Construction in Progress

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June 2015


Pile-caps and stump columns construction completed

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May 2015


Piling for the Kindergarten and Primary school building completed.

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April 2015

Casting concrete piles on site. Construction permit application commenced and ready to commence official construction work.

March 2015

Prepared to apply for construction permit. Instead of merging our 3 existing land titles of the land into one, Ministry of Land Management came to re-measure the land’s boundary for a new land title. See photos.

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February 2015

Commenced site mobilisation. See photos.

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January 2015

Prepared construction contract with lawyer, PHV, and Yianko.

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September – December 2014

Negotiated on pricing and finishing materials with PHV and architect Yianko.

August 2014

Performed evaluation on all submitted bids. In the end, construction company PHV was selected.

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July 2014

Received Bids from construction companies. 5 bids in total. Contractor selection process commenced.

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June 2014

Due to the size of the project, it has now been divided into 3 individual phases. The first phase will be the Kindergarten and Primary School. The second phase will be the Secondary/High School. The final phase will be the chapel and multipurpose auditorium.

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May 2014

Completed material selection. Bill of Quantities was produced. First estimation of the construction cost was issued.

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April 2014

bird view 2

Final version of design and drawings completed. Material selection commenced.

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March 2014

A topographical survey was completed by MEG Research Team.

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February 2014

Signed contract with Yianko and Associates to commence finalising the design and drawings.

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January 2014

Visited 3 construction companies and 3 architecture firms including Yianko Associates to discuss the construction cost and finalise all drawings.

December 2013

Visited a Christian school sponsored by Singaporean church in Kampong Chhnang province to see their school building and to talk to the school principal.

October 2013

Meeting with Kosia and missionary Mr Park to discuss applying for construction permit.

October 2013

Visited the new campus of International School of Phnom Penh to learn about their building design, and started engaging with project management firm and architecture firm.

September 2013

Meeting with ACH Management to discuss project cost.

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September 2013

Visited North Bridge International School, one of the top private international schools in Phnom Penh, to learn about their campus re-development.

January 2013

Modification on the Primary building completed.

July 2009


Second version of school building design completed.

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January 2008

Commenced the third landfill. The total landfill cost was $100,000

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December 2007

Completed boundary wall construction. Total cost was $10,000

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November 2007


Completed the first architecture drawings of the school.

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