There are many ways that you can help us.

As A Prayer Partner

“When we work, we work; but when we pray, God works.”

– Max Lucado

In His School International, each one of the project team members knows the importance of prayer. Pray along with us and see this project completed, bringing glory to God’s name and expanding His kingdom. Every hurdle or challenge is seen through faith as an opportunity for God’s sovereignty and His power to work. Every time we pray, we abandon our own wisdom and trust in God’s leading.

Tell Others

Be an advocate for this project and help to bring this project to reality. Each one of us has our own unique circle or community of influence. You can add significantly to the influence of the few project team members. With your help to bring awareness of this project to the people you know, they could be interested in helping us like you do, or even to become a team member or a teaching staff of the school in the future.

Support Us Financially

The current Phase 1 of the construction started in February 2015 and it is expected to complete in 20 calendar months. Currently, we have only of the required funding to complete the Phase 1 of the project. Therefore, we need your support so that the school building can be completed.

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