Foreign Missionary Cemetery

Foreign Missionary Cemetery

One of the project team members visited Korea in May 2015. While he was there, he visited a cemetery for missionaries who went to serve in Korea. Two missionaries who caught his attention were Mr. Henry Appenzeller and Mrs. Mary Scranton. They both were the missionaries who went to Korea in the later part of the 19th century to setup schools for the children there.

Mr. Appenzeller founded a boys’ school called Paichai Hakdang in 1887, whilst Mrs Scranton founded a girls’ school called Ehwa Haktang in 1886. Both schools were later became Pai Chai University and the Ehwa Womans University in Korea respectively.

They are just two of the many faithful servants of God who received His vision and brought education into the country of Korea. Because of their love and obedience to God, education in Korea had flourished. We believe this is the time for you and us to help bring quality education into the country of Cambodia.

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