Director’s Message

Ps 62:5 says, ‘My soul, wait in silence for God only, for my hope is from Him.’

Indeed it has been 10 years waiting in silence for the school project to take off. Today we thank God that the construction work for the building has begun.

Looking back, we see God using the simple to show the way. The villagers at Prek Ho, people who did not normally value formal education, expressed the need for a new school to be built there, despite the availability of government and the temple schools. That was the seed that gave HisChild the vision for a school.

The path for getting the school going was filled with challenges and delays – from acquiring the land to preserving it. However, these steps along that path have actually revealed His hands at work silently but surely, though the situation at times looked hopeless.

We continue to trust God to provide and see to the completion of this first phase, and to the final phase. This is a major step forward and there are many more to come.

May God help us to continue to wait for Him, taking the cue from Him as we move onward. All the while, we will and must give God all the glory and praises.

Delivering the quality education, so much needed in this land, will also need His people coming forward to contribute and to see it as a privilege rather than as a burden.

We trust that ultimately His School International will not just help lift this nation  for the requirements of this world but also impart true spiritual and moral teachings that impact the new generation and nurture them to be people who will pin their ultimate hope in the mansions in heaven that our Lord Jesus has promised to prepare for all his followers.

Pray for us and contact us should you be moved to participate in this project.

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